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Thread: What's wrong with my Muscle Memory?

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    Default What's wrong with my Muscle Memory?

    This topic is about playing large and difficult chords and changing chords on the guitar and piano.

    I have a Beginning Jazz Guitar Book by Jody Fisher and I am going to quote him right now.

    "...Some Classical Guitar instructors teach that these movements should be learned like a "choreography" for the fingers, or like a "play" for a football team."

    "...Sometimes chords will get gradually easier, but I find most of the time the chord will suddenly "snap" into place. This will also take time so the key word here is patience."

    They sound like promising words, but up to this point my muscle memory is still the same. It's slow.

    For two months, I have been taking a Jazz Piano course at York University and I have difficulty playing some lush Bill Evans chords. I am so slow.
    I am auditioning for Jazz Guitar next year and I am preparing two contrasting pieces for two months so far and I am also slow.
    I am also auditioning for Jazz Woodwinds and I play much better on the Alto Saxophone.

    Is this problem of mine just a muscle memory issue? Or I don't have potential at all on the piano and guitar.
    I need to know some feedback so I can concentrate on the Saxophone. I am not quitting on the piano and guitar, it's just that I need to take more time with what I'm good at.
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    Play to your strengths and ignore your weaknesses - you will find fulfilment in what you do. Do not get caught in the trap of 'I have to be super-brilliant at everything'. No one is.
    'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.

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    very well put Jerome....

    people like AC/DC,Rolling Stones,KISS, etc play within their means becasue theyre good at what they do...they dont try to be something/someone theyre not....
    and im sure i could name a hundred other artists who do the same...those three just came to mind first.

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    All the above is excellent advice but all named groups were men. If you are in fact a woman, I'd get in touch with Renee Rosnes ( a sterling pianist), Barbarar Dennerlein ( one of the best organists) or any of these women sax players: Others to reach out to include Akiko Tsuruga ( an organist) or Ms. Shirley Scott ( a Philly pianist/organist who was mentrix to generations of jazz players). I believe all will get back in touch and all promote women in music. Never set your sights too low but don't have unrealistic expectations either--an awkward line.
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