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Thread: Barry Manilow - My Dream Duets

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    Default Barry Manilow - My Dream Duets

    enters the Billboard chart this week at #4

    Spotify online listen
    2.5 of 5.0 from allmusic

    umpteenth album
    mentioned it a few weeks ago and Barry did it, duets with the dead
    he can't need the money so it has to be his love of the music
    nice song selection but Barry does nothing for any of them
    hard core Barry fans only

    artist website -

    Bio - from allmusic

    bio is too long

    Album Review - from allmusic

    At 71 years old, Barry Manilow has reached the age when he can do anything he pleases, and what pleases him is singing along with old records by
    dead singers. That's all My Dream Duets is: Manilow brushing off his old cabaret routine so it can spruce up vintage records by Jimmy Durante
    and Judy Garland. He's not the only new element on these electronically rejiggered duets -- instrumentation, usually synthetic, sometimes as
    incessant as the drum loop that runs underneath "The Candyman," has been added -- but he's the notable addition, crooning full verses in
    addition to sliding in some corny asides. For all his showboating, he doesn't do much to distract from his idols. Time and time again, the
    singer who stands out on My Dream Duets is the original vocalist, the one who cut the track originally and stamped it indelibly with his or her
    own personality. Manilow recedes out of deference but also practicality: he's not duetting with a living singer; he's singing over an existing
    track and tailoring his performance to suit established contours. Consequently, there's not much dynamism here, but it's also not stiff because
    Manilow is so over the top. Perhaps that's Barry's natural response because there's nothing left for him to do but ham it up on the margins but,
    ultimately, that means My Dream Duets isn't much more than an exceedingly odd curiosity.

    just so I could here Satchmo again:

    Track Listing

    1. The Song's Gotta Come from the Heart ft. Jimmy Durante
    2. Goody Goody ft. Frankie Lymon
    3. Dream a Little Dream of Me ft. Mama Cass
    4. I Believe in You and Me ft. Whitney Houston
    5. Sunshine on My Shoulders ft. John Denver
    6. Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart ft. Judy Garland
    7. Moon River ft. Andy Williams
    8. The Look of Love ft. Dusty Springfield
    9. The Candy Man ft. Sammy Davis, Jr.
    10. I Wanna Be Loved by You ft. Marilyn Monroe
    11. What a Wonderful World/What a Wonderful Life ft. Louis Armstrong
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    Good novelty value,but that's about as far as it goes for me.
    I have no desire to listen to it neither

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    I tend to agree, leave me to remember Satchmo as he moved me, back in the day.
    I am not sure if I would enjoy this album because the original tunes were simply memorable and awesome as performed by the original singers.
    Speaking of Manilow, here is what I like about Barry, his music and the way he moves a crowd!

    Thanks be to God for our blessings.

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    Barry has written some truly memorable songs in his own right and continues to woo audiences to this day with tracks like "Mandy" and "I write the songs",to name a couple....
    I see no value in this album other than a possible money spinner for his back catalogue...
    But hey,on the flipside....he is still an entertainer and probably feels he is paying his respects to his influences/idols in the only way he knows singing.

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