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Thread: SIRIUS/XM radio

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    Thumbs down SIRIUS/XM radio

    I have it, have had it for a while, and I'm beginning to notice a trend.

    While there is a great selection of channels/genres, I'm finding that channels are playing the same stuff over and over and over.

    Lithium can't go 6 songs without playing something by Stone Temple Pilots. Me and my father count songs in the car; our biggest streak of non-STP songs is 13.

    Same with Octane, Liquid Metal, and Alt Nation... others, I'm sure.


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    How is it now, 4 years later? Same problem? 'Course you could try other genres, other channels...My current line-up is (in order): Deep Tracks (rock), Soul, Caliente (Latin), Real Jazz, Blues, Reggae--never had a problem finding something to listen to

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