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    Hi all :)
    I've been a music lover ever since I can remember. I grew up with rock 'n roll, disco, and classical music like Electric Light Orchestra, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Queen, ABBA,The Bee Gees, JJ Cale, Elvis, Mozart, Chopin, etc. All of my friends in primary school started really getting into music as well, and so we all used to listen to various stuff, same through highschool. It was great, I had one friend really into electronica like Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, and DJ's like The Wiseguys; another friend into metal like Slipknot, Korn, Cradle of Filth etc, another friend into classic rock like AC/DC, Deep Purple etc, another into deathmetal like yyrkoon and origin as well as psytrance like shpongle and infected mushroom, and another friend yet who was into the most obscure yet fascinating bands like Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. Most of us loved anything with Mike Patton in it too :P And Rage Against the Machine. Can't forget Rage.
    I fluctuated between all of these guys, picking up what I liked along the way. I leaned more towards metal back in the day, I liked Meshuggah, Origin, Korn, etc. A girlfriend I had at the time really got me into Nirvana as well :)
    At the end of highschool I was listening to bands like the Mars Volta, Tool, and Porcupine tree - so mostly prog rock.
    One thing that has always stuck with me though has been a love for traditional Irish music, which I love to play an dlisten to today, these days I also love jazz and a lot of experimental stuff including Fever Ray, Bjork, and hip hop like Madvillain.

    Most of what I have listened to over my life has largely had to do with the friends I was hanging out with - which I have no problem with at all, but now I want to start to find my own stuff that I like :)
    But, long story short, hello! I'm here to talk about all sorts of music with all of you - th enuts and bolts, reccomendations, bands like, all that!
    So thanks for having me :) I look foreword to some very interesting discussions about one of the best things on the planet! Music!

    I should mention, I looooove anything with an uncommon time signature, or quirky accents placed throughout the rhythm - anything like meshuggah, or the Aveshi Cohen Trio, or even some Traditional African music with polyphony! So if you have any reccomendations, please hook me up :)
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