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After enjoying and also hating the TV show Canada's Got Talent a few years ago, I remembered boring old Ed Sullivan and realized, there were no winners or losers on The Ed Sullivan show - at least no awards and no "you lose!" situations.

Remember Ed's monotone voice? Never telling a joke? I'm starting to think that a reason our art is so talentless (sorry but I'm allowed my opinions eh?) is because we think of it alike a sport. We think the artist has to "sell" us, entertain us and have a gimmick.

There was supposed to be one performance by Mozart where he had an opera performed on one side of the room, then all the chairs were turned around and Salieri had an opera performed next on the other side of the room. What fun that sounds like! It doesn't sound like anyone hated anyone, they were competitors in the best sense (unlike the idiotic portrayal in Amadeus). Artists shouldn't be thought of as killing the other, or gladiator sports! What I'm getting at is this: Sensitive artists who are deeply dedicated to writing complex, well-worked music, shouldn't be put in competitions like our American Idle (pun intended) shows put them. I wouldn't mind, but if you just tune in to some great artist's final show, (s)he is voted off and a close up of their face being told they lost, that's really not nice to the dedicated artist!

If someone here thinks artists should have hard skin, be able to take any and all insults and negative comments, please let me know. What I think is that we have truly lost the appreciation of hard working artists because we value the side-show, the gimmicks and fad popularity, therefore ignoring the deeper art messages. Sorry to whine but I feel this is the case and maybe this forum is the place to get another perspective, if people are willing to discuss this.
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