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    I don't really see much purpose in this type of forum sections, but hell, if the admins advise me to do so, I'll join in!
    So yeah.

    I play the drums, I really like it even though it's kind of hard for me in term of physicality (i have slightly injured most of my fingers, so I'm a tiny bit handicaped, my stamina is utter crap and my spine resembles a ran over snake),
    I kind of started learning bass, but there's a loong way to go for me (if you want to help me learn, please do... although I don't see why you would ;p).

    Metal! - any thematical genres are cool (gothic, viking, folk), I listen to virtually all metal styles with a strong emphasis on death metal (Gojira is the best band on the planet, to throw that out there).
    List of metal bands I listen to the most often:
    3 Inches Of Blood, Amberian Dawn, Amon Amarth, Babymetal, Dethklok, Five Finger Death Punch, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Gojira, In Flames, Lamb Of God, Manowar, Psychostick, SOAD, Wintersun

    Rock-ish stuff - just misassigned bands propably ;p
    At The Drive-In, Coheed And Cambria, 7 Birches, Voivod

    Prog stuff
    Andromeda, Dream Theater, Felix Martin, Giraffes? Giraffes!, Liquid Tension Experiment, Rush, Scale The Summit, Spheric Universe Experience, Sun Caged.

    I [b]-ed the fauritiest of my favourite bands.

    I joined the forum to look for more obscure bands.

    Aaaand I'm done.

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    Not a genre I embrace but if you post in the appropriate forum and get a bit involved, you will find many like-minded folks, listening to your selections and posting their own. I have found this to be true and so will you. Why we would help you learn bass guitar is because we want more good stuff to listen to, and if you master an instrument, you will bring that playing to us. Enlightened self-interest it's called. Or "Each one, teach one."
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    Huh, sounds like this forum is a bit different than the part of internet I'm "from" then, haha

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