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    TAYLOR SWIFT "1989"

    ok, im a big fan of Taylor Swift....i own all of her albums to date,
    and i bought this one today despite not being totally on the money
    with that "shake it off" single(i dont know,maybe its the constant
    over-exposure of airplay that turned me off it)...
    the whole album is in a similar vein to that single, and its not too bad
    at all...not as good as her sublime last album entitled "red", but hey,
    she'll never top that one!.
    that last one was sort of a transition album for her as she crossed over
    into a bonefide 'popstar' with the latest...
    gone are the acoustic/semi acoustic ballads of her earlier albums
    and in comes a new 'sexed-up' mid 20s raunchy Taylor...
    this album will bring her a wider audience for sure as she updated her sound
    and image to a newer,younger audience(fanbase)....
    good luck to her, and yes, the album is worth listening to if you like the "new"
    Taylor Swift sounds.
    probably at least five hit singles will come from this one...
    album gets a pass mark from me for an in-car listen,will probably sound
    better under the confines of headphones.

    from the album:

    "welcome to new york" audio
    "i wish you would" audio

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    i wasnt aware until a few minutes ago that "welcome to new york" is Taylor's latest single debuted at #23 on our charts this week!

    "as a footnote, "shake it off" is still in the top10 after ten weeks on the chart also...

    i guess the album will be at #1 next week, as it will be all over the world!

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