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Thread: Please Help (joined to find album)

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    I am searching for the original 2-disc by the monks of Santo Domingo de Silos called "The Best of Gregorian Chants".

    I know this, there was a newspaper article:,1628150

    and this

    I have searched and searched, iTunes, Amazon, cd websites, everyone has a different version of this album...conflicting images so I don't even know what the original looks like! It makes it hard to know what Im looking for!

    I believe there are 38 tracks on the 2 cds combined, as one article said. And these articles were written in 1994, and so it may have been released in 1993 or sooner??? I

    do know it was produced by the company EMI-Odeon.

    Please please please if anybody can help me locate this specific album I'd be forever grateful.


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    Is this the collection here?

    This was the big seller here in Canada and can be found cheap on ebay (other than their album Chant - blue cover with monks in cloaks)
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    see guys....
    we may be a small forum, but theres always someone/one of us who knows the answer and/or has the info for an answer....good one evil-guy!

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