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Thread: Great news--Freda Payne's got a new disc

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    Default Great news--Freda Payne's got a new disc

    Known to the wider world for a terrif novelty tune in 1970 *, she's always been more than that--actress both straight and musicals, TV talk show host and always a singer of the urban/ quiet storm and R&B variety. Kind of a strait-jacket but now she has graced us with genuine jazz recording with some classy folks and fine tunes. Couple of "making-of promo" clips then the tunes: and

    * One odd-duck of a tune about a woman who is a "beard" to a "down-low", deeply closeted dude:
    Not relevant to this Thread but totally fun: << marimba duet on a classic jazz piece. Enjoy!
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    Very enjoyable! Freda Payne sounds wonderful, I especially liked "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To". It is awesome to hear Freda deliver the goods. I hope "Come Back To Me Love" will do great for her and all involved in this wonderful album! The Senor Mouse Jazz Duet was fun to see and hear. Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed!
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