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Thread: RIP Raf Ravenscroft, saxophonist on Baker Street

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    Default RIP Raf Ravenscroft, saxophonist on Baker Street

    I've just read on the BBC News site that Raphael 'Raf' Ravenscroft, who played the distinctive saxophone melody on Gerry Rafferty's brilliant Baker Street, died of a suspected heart attack on Sunday 19th October 2014 aged only 60. He also worked with Maxine Nightingale, Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, Robert Plant, Mike Oldfield, Abba, Marvin Gaye, Daft Punk and Duffy. With his work on Baker Street in 1978, Ravenscroft re-popularised the saxophone in rock music and sales of the instrument increased.
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    Lest we forget how bolt-from-the-blue excellent this song, this solo is: Some other stuff:
    There's a series of these vids at Exeter Cathedral--this is the only one I found even marginally listenable--damned shame:
    Another one of those "you take what you can get" dealies:
    Possibly his last recorded appearance--looks robust to me: << Adam Isaac is not some local mutt--check him out << a failed band--sh!t happens

    AMG on him:

    The best present you can give a new/re-entry sax player is his series of 4 books--The Complete Saxophone Player, Vol. 1-4. From what I've read they'll get you comfortable and playing quickly. His legacy will endure.
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    Mr Ravenscroft's playing was superb. His work on Floyd's 'The Final Cut' is mesmerising. A big loss to the world of music.
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