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Thread: Hello...young classic rock enthusiast here

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    Talking Hello...young classic rock enthusiast here

    Hi all! My name is Bud (obviously took my name from the group Steely Dan...and you don't wanna know where they took it from!). I'm 22, and I love classic rock. So just warning you all, most of the time I'll be babbling about Eric Clapton's No Reason to Cry sessions or the time ZZ Top's Dusty Hill was accidentally shot by his girlfriend, etc. So I won't be too up-to-date on recent music unless I'm whining about it!
    Anyway, just introducing myself!

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    Hello Bud, & welcome to Music Discussion.

    I'm partial to a bit of Classic Rock myself, & No Reason to Cry was my first Clapton album, albeit a very long time ago.

    Hope you enjoy the site...

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