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Thread: Searching name of song with happy tune HELP

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    Default Searching name of song with happy tune HELP

    Hello all,

    i'm searching a song for quite long now, and i hope people here can help me!

    I dont got any video or so where the song is hearable but Ive made the main tune in FL studio.

    here you can here it:

    This melody is the main melody of the song and i dont think it has any lyrics or voice in it.
    In the song itself the melody is played by some sort of flute.

    The song was a bit popular some years back, i believe it has been on TV in commercials etc.
    It was also used by 24kitchen commercial for Jamie Oliver. But I really can't find the song...

    Hopefully someone recognizes it and can help me :)

    Thanks in advance people!

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    ive finally found the song! its "Close to me" from The Cure! Though i already listen to music from them, its strange that i didnt found it earlier

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