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    how are u guys?

    Music is everyday around me. It's my life. I started listen urban music especially Aaliyah, DC. Mariah Carey, NAS, DMX and Whitney when i was around 10 yo. Every week i created my own chart and i was spending many hours waiting for my favourite songs and videos ;) It wasn't that easy when intenet wans't popular ;) During my high schol i worked like music journalist and the after university i had chance to work in PR for record company. Nowadays my job is far form music world.

    Actually i'm a huge fon of Whitney and Mariah Carey. I like last Jessie Ware album and i listen a lot of dance music from UK.

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    It definitely wasn't easy when there wasn't internet. I still remember the times that I was wondering and searching for a song for days.. weeks and even months!
    But these days it's all a lot easier.

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