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    Hey everyone, I'm Dee...
    I'm basically a bit of a metal head, a bit of a music freak and my entire life revolves around music!
    I love going out to gigs...I've already seen some of the "greats" such as Metallica.
    I'm not here to argue with anyone, I'm here to talk about what I love the most... MUSIC!
    My favourite bands include Architects, Bring Me The Horizon, Alexisonfire, Suicide Silence & Lamb Of God... but please don't write me off as a wannabe metalhead! (btw, BMTH aren't the same now Curtis Ward has left!)
    I listen to all different genres;
    I love Metallica, Arch Enemy & Cradle Of Filth along with bands like Pendulum and Enter Shikari... so I'm very open-minded about music.

    soo that's me :)

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    Hi Dee.

    Good to meet you, & welcome to Music Discussion.

    Metal's pretty popular on here, as I'm sure you've seen, so I hope you enjoy lots of metallic discussions...

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    Hello and welcome to the forum! I am pleased to meet you.

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