It is strong, vital music that's cautiously evolving and definitely not just for Turistas--music of a people for a people that they generously share with all of us. Here's a NYTimes article on a Hawai'ian Revue, playing weekly on Maui that has been brought to the Mainland for a bit. Put the cutesy-poo stereotypes aside and give a listen to some serious and thoughtfull players who just happen to have a hell of a lot of fun and love to share. Both the clickthroughs work: <<no extravagant claims of a life-changer but how many body-parts will you have in motion?

He may not be the leader titular or otherwise but Ledward Kaapana is driving the music forward. He's played with Bob Brozman, Alison Krauss and and Fran Guidry, and has done a terrif job on Mainland music,. Some tunes: << One lovely tune indeed. Sent out to that woman in the Wind... << I'd be interested in hearing a lovelier, more tasteful version of this tune. No joke. << Brudda Bob sneakin' in some blues licks on that lap guitar. RIP Bob--sorry you felt it necessary to take yourself out... << steel Reso uke? too hip... << 2 comfortable gents layin' out on a beautiful tune << "pee-pee-leena" << stay with this til the end

BTW want more on this guitar tuning? << Surprise! Surprise! It derives from open Mexican tunings. Small world, no?