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Thread: Bands similar to Tool?

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    Like the title says, I'm looking for bands that have some basic similarities to the band Tool.

    However, I'll be a bit specific in this thread, since I've already searched the web for this, and I was surpised by how people often suggested bands that sounded nowhere near Tool, or just suggested King Crimson (not what I'm after).
    So please read this through, so I may get as good suggestions as possible!
    In conclusion, the bands were more kind of typical modern metal and I suppose they were suggested since they've maybe made a few tracks that could be similar to Tool, but in general they had a completely different style...

    To get good suggestions, I'll start with pointing out what I like with Tool:
    - They sometimes have some kind of progressive touch
    - Their playful time signatures
    - How the songwriting is so refined, like everyone is at their climax, for example you don't have that classic case where the guitars and vocals do all the cool stuff while the drums and bass just sit there supporting them.
    - Their sound in the guitars, either that goth-touch like in the intro to Forty Six & 2, or the fat and full sound in the track Lateralus.
    - Their drummer sounds so restless and constantly do all these small moves etc.
    - The length of the tracks, I like that, and the very creative arrangement. As well as the dynamics between the intense and heavy parts, and the more calm parts.
    - Their often dark and heavy sound.

    - I'm already well aware of Keenan's other bands.
    - I don't like rock where they scream all the time (if they scream it should be at le grand finale of the track).
    - I know I often fall for american rockbands from the 90's and early 00's, I just like that typical sound.

    To get even better responses, I'll highlight the tracks I like the most:
    - Schism
    - The Grudge
    - Stinkfist
    - Vicarious
    - Pushit
    - Eulogy


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    This is not exactly my favorite style of music so I too could be way off, but I would suggest Korn and Nine Inch Nails

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