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    From a recent review of his latest, Louisiana Roots and Blues, "...[Peter Novelli] deserves attention as one of the best storytellers in the blues today." Ain't all of them pretty. Not that he's not a killer player with a tight band, but the songs/lyrics will live on. If you have poetry in your soul, there's something to like. The kind of innovative "voice" the Blues kinda needs. Catch hip, starting with a club engagement in the Dominican Republic: << Wanna bet that at least 1 of the band/BU singers/control room folks hasn't lost somebody to this? He knows of what he sings.
    Comes on loud--turn it down. << Familiar tune *, immediacy of lyrics << automatically like a gent that will not be hurried in his delectation of a beverage... 10 minutes in front of home folks Huge shout-out to whoever filmed and uploaded this << a splice thing from a small-club gig maybe at the end of a Boston/NE tour? Troupers end-to-end.
    Almost forgot: Wanna get in touch, buy stuff or invite him to play?

    * Here's a great tune built with the same logs-and-plaster, just furnished differently: OR
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