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Thread: Real Music Fans?

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    Default Real Music Fans?

    Are there any real music fans left? do people still listen to lyrics or is it all about sensationalism? When I listen to the radio I hear back to back banality. Does anyone actually care about music?

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    Yes, I do...

    Mainstream radio is not the place to hear much music of any quality.

    I tend to absorb music gradually, tending to listen to music first, then concentrate on lyrics. Artists with great lyrics tend to be the ones that I develop the best relationships with.

    I also think there are plenty of people out there that do like quality music...

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    would anyone be on this site if they didn't care about music??

    but yes i agree.. music is only half the song, lyrics are a very important part. the music i like most has lyrics that i can relate to most of the time. alot of artists today have very little thought put into their lyrics which i highly distaste.
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    Default Yes, we exist.

    There seem to be many true music fans on this lovely site, so I think you'll be pleased.

    And I agree with Bryce; music is just part of the song. Lyrics play a huge role. It's difficult for me to appreciate and respect a song if it holds no meaning.

    Though I would never dare to discount the music. Sound can be just as explanatory as words.
    Sure, the radio isn't always the best place to find a good combination of music and lyrics, but possible. I always find myself searching a bit harder for those bands that really snag my interest.
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    Default real music fans

    It's good to hear that there are some real fans still out there. I'm still utterly amazed that the multi million dollar industry that is the music business revolves around peolpe consuming utter dross. Generally the people with real talent and genuine song writing ability are ignored by the major labels as they are not commercial enough, but surely these companies dictate what good and whats not good. It's frustrating watching truly gifted individuals struggle. However, perhaps people like us can support them in some way. I'm sure there's stuff out there just waiting for our ears.

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