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    Default Train - Bulletproof Picasso

    enters the Billboard chart this week at #5

    Spotify online listen
    not yet rated by allmusic

    nothing really bad or great for me here
    not big on the first single of Angel In Blue Jeans
    which was released back in June
    Cadillac, Cadillac is up next

    Bio - from allmusic

    Train was inescapable during the turn of the 21st century, when songs like "Calling All Angels" and "Drops of Jupiter" made the San Francisco
    residents some of America's most popular balladeers. Although formed during the glory days of post-grunge, the group found more success in the
    pop/rock world, where Train straddled the line between adult contemporary and family-friendly alternative rock. The hits began drying up after
    2003, but Train continued releasing material throughout the rest of the decade and even returned to the charts in 2010, when the single "Hey,
    Soul Sister" became a surprise Top 10 hit.

    Following the dissolution of his Led Zeppelin cover band, singer Pat Monahan left his hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania, in late 1993. He resettled
    in California and crossed paths with Rob Hotchkiss, the former frontman of a Los Angeles group named the Apostles. The two formed their own duo
    and began playing local coffeehouse shows, eventually expanding the group to a trio with the addition of former Apostles guitarist Jim Stafford.
    Bassist Charlie Colin and drummer Scott Underwood also climbed aboard, thus solidifying Train's lineup in 1994.

    Over the course of several years, Train developed a sizable audience in the San Francisco area. The band also toured the country, opening shows
    for the likes of Barenaked Ladies and Counting Crows while drumming up enough money to record an album. Although few labels showed interest at
    first, Train eventually attracted the interest of Columbia Records, who signed the band to one of its smaller labels -- Aware Records -- and
    issued the self-financed debut record Train in 1998. "Meet Virginia" became a Top 40 hit one year later, but the band truly hit its stride in
    2001, when Drops of Jupiter became a multi-platinum success thanks to its titular single. The song remained in the Top 40 for nearly 40 weeks,
    while the album itself sold more than three million copies.

    My Private Nation followed in 2003 and went platinum, largely due to the successful single "Calling All Angels." Although the album didn't yield
    any more Top 40 hits, three of its songs fared well on the adult contemporary charts, a sign that Train had traded its alternative rock roots
    for an older fan base. For Me, It's You followed in 2006, but sales proved to be the lowest of Train's career. Accordingly, Monahan briefly
    turned his focus inward, releasing a solo album in 2007 and briefly touring behind it. He returned to the fold shortly thereafter, though, and
    Train issued its fifth album, Save Me, San Francisco, in 2009. The album helped rejuvenate Train's career, with "Hey, Soul Sister" peaking at
    number three on the Billboard 100. In 2012 the band released its sixth studio album, California 37, which debuted at number four on the
    Billboard chart.

    Despite these successes, the band felt that mainstream "cool" continued to elude them. Monahan spoke of wanting to record an album which was
    more commercial, but would also connect emotionally with the public. With these ambitious goals, they knuckled down to writing and recording a
    new album, though without drummer and founder member Scott Underwood, who left the band amicably before production began to be replaced by Drew
    Shoals. Train's seventh studio album, Bulletproof Picasso, was finished in 2014 and scheduled to be released in September of that year. It was
    preceded by the slick, country-tinged single "Angel in Blue Jeans," whose big-budget video saw actor Danny Trejo reprise his Machete character
    in a "Tarantino-style spaghetti western."

    Album Review - from renowned for sound

    American pop/rockers Train have been enjoying some more time in the sun over the last five years; after a three year hiatus from performing and
    recording, they returned in 2009 with chart smashing single Hey, Soul Sister and their first commercially successful album since 2003′s My
    Private Nation. Single after single, the chart success continued and in 2012 the group released their sixth album California 37 led by the hits
    Drive By and 50 Ways To Say Goodbye; the band were obviously well and truly back on their feet. The band relentlessly return now with their
    seventh effort, Bulletproof Picasso; the creative process began whilst they were touring California 37 and they state itís been the hardest
    album to write compared to writing and recording their previous work.

    Cadillac, Cadillac is a catchy reggae/pop infusion, the verse is easy to sing along with whilst you take in the punchy dynamic of the chorus;
    the title-track has a consistent drumbeat that drives it along the road of pop/rock, it has a steady but sure verse with a memorable keyboard
    part and a strong hook of Ďwoahísí to bring that chorus home. Lead single Angel In Blue Jeans has a touch of folk to diversify the current pop
    vibe going on with the album, itís not as showy as the previous tracks in terms of vocal dynamic and arrangement, take it or leave it as Trainís
    mainstream take on the current indie/alternative chart domination; Give It All is introduced as a piano driven ballad before the drum kicks in
    and gives it atmosphere. Wonder What Youíre Doing for the Rest of Your Life is introduced by shared giggling between members of the band and
    guest vocalist Marsha Ambrosius, which adds to the fun and upbeat vibe the track gives off with its electric vocal line and simple
    instrumentation; we are literally walking and whistling down the hall before the effervescent Son of a Prison Guard kicks off.

    A shaky start to Just A Memory, the Ďcome back, come backí line at the beginning is a little off putting, even when itís repeated after the
    chorus; donít let that one line stop you from enjoying the reminiscent love gone wrong pop number though. Iím Drinkiní Tonight is your standard
    drinking to forget number, still top notch though; the stop start of the drums at the beginning of I Will Remember is a pretty cool addition to
    the track, itís a feel good anthemic track about the binding of love. The Bridge is catchy the second it begins and the vocals are addictive to
    hear, another must hear from the album. Baby, Happy Birthday masterfully captures a conversation between a couple who are in need of
    reconciliation, the songwriting on this album has been commendable; Donít Grow Up So Fast is the albumís stripped back number, the guitar is
    played beautifully and the strings provide a refreshing atmosphere we had not yet experienced with Bulletproof Picasso.

    Bulletproof Picasso proves to be yet another solid release by Train, theyíre more recent years of success have seen them earn their place again
    in the mainstream music market. The group said they were working on this album to be on a more personal note, and you definitely feel that
    connection with much of the lyrics on the album (particularly I Will Remember, The Bridge and Baby, Happy Birthday). For those of you who
    havenít boarded the Train express there is still plenty of time to do so, Bulletproof Picasso isnít likely to disappoint too easily.

    sounds like this gets my fav for now:

    Track Listing

    1. Cadillac, Cadillac
    2. Bulletproof Picasso
    3. Angel in Blue Jeans
    4. Give It All
    5. Wonder What You're Doing for the Rest of Your Life
    6. Son of a Prison Guard
    7. Just a Memory
    8. I'm Drinkin' Tonight
    9. I Will Remember
    10. The Bridge
    11. Baby, Happy Birthday
    12. Don't Grow Up So Fast
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    i like these guys...consistant material all through their career....

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