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Thread: Hey people, charity event! Crowdfunding!

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    Exclamation Hey people, charity event! Crowdfunding!

    Hey people, charity event! Please help a young composer on the new headphones - buy at least one track on Audiojungle.
    Now I have simple cheap headphones koss-ur 40, they are absolutely not suitable for the mixing or mastering.
    If you don't mind 11 - 18 dollars in my music - then Join the charity event
    It's enough 15 - 20 people to buy once one track to help me in the future musical works .
    Thanks in advance, friends!

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    you've been here long enough to know better
    A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.
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    According to his "Profile", V-Andrew has not made any friends yet and with this tactic, is guaranteed not to...
    If you want to get your music out there, this is the place; if you want to sell it, it's definitely not.
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    18 dollars for a 2 minute guitar riff???? You are dreaming my friend. If you need a new pair of headphones get a job and earn the money to buy them. You will appreciate it more. What's with people these days. Everyone expects their future to be handed to them on a plate. Roll up your sleeves........oh yes, charity begins at home.
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