I'm Ted, from Greece and I love music. I would say that I'm a musician but this aint what a musician would say..I let other people "judge" me and I keep what I think to myself, mostly.
I obviously love music, and I want to study Musical Arts & Cinema music. What I want actually is to write music for movies..something like soundtracks. I know it's a little dreamy but , come on, everybody makes dreams, right?
I listen to almost all kinds of music, but only the original, true songs from each type. What I mean is that, today we have so many fake music types and songs. Most of the songs named "pop" are thrash. Don't know what I'm sayin'? Here's an example: 1 Direction, which I think everybody is aware of, for...lots of reasons, call their type "pop". Well, when I see that, a question pops in my head:
-If 1 Direction play and sing pop, what the hell did Michael Jackson sing and do? 'Cause you have to admit that it's is not the same.
So, I love all kinds of music. I play the guitar and I like blues for that matter. I love blues, jazz and rock and ofcourse, hard rock and a little bit metal and metal-ish songs (thrash). I don't like the new-wave, fake-metal called metalcore. Everything that has core in the end of the word is fake to me.
So thats me. Sorry if I lost it on the way here, but I wish you agree with me.
Have fun.
Ted Mosby.