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Thread: Red Dirt Music Scene

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    Default Red Dirt Music Scene

    Anyone in here listening to this genre of music?.

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    what the far-fut is that?? red dirt? it sounds like a terrible shot drink. what is it and what are some examples of the style?
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    Never heard of it? It does sound like a bad drink made with popov, but yeah never heard of it, what is it?

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    From the following Wiki, a whole lot of people listen to it, they just maybe didn't know it had a name:
    More on this sub-genre of Country (and realer that the pop-country crap currently being pushed):
    Remember Bluegrass ("high lonesome") was a reaction to the then-popular strains of Country in the '40's and '50's, harkening back to the '20's and '30's.
    Another site, fan-based:
    Some tunes--they share common themes and concerns as other Country but rougher, rawer. These tunes were picked at random. Enjoy! << this guy edges close to ordinary Country << as stripped-down as music gets

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