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    A very dark-noir series set in current coastal Wales. If you are a fan of recent Swedish/Danish crime procedurals, you will enjoy this. Not at all for the crash/bang crowd--these kinky secrets go back years and unfold slowly.: << Read "User Review #1"--puts you right in the picture. There is some solid modern policing going on.
    Hypnotic, in its own way, though deadly slow for many--polarizing in this.
    One thing though: it is a wonderful view of Western Wales--the Visitors Bureau could've commisioned some of these loving views.
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    a bit old thread but just have to reply. this series started here in Finland couple of weeks ago : and I do love it. no useless gun fights, car chases etc, just slow burning but so interesting and well done detective work. acting and scenerey are suberb. set in beautful but kind of dark and gloomy Wales.

    JazzboCR I do agree w/ you !

    others, do your self a favor and check out if possible.

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