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Thread: Is King Crimson now a self-cover band?

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    Default Is King Crimson now a self-cover band?

    It can happen--see the Beach Boys--but as long as the Frippster is the Bad Daddy from Cinncinatti with them, I vote NO. We can get real picayune-definitional about this real quickly, and Robert Fripp has receded as a force somewhat but as this NYTimes review of a recent concert makes clear, anytime he's involved, even in a Mark VIII version, they remain a force majeure ‚ÄčAnything Jon Pareles writes, I want to read. Some tunes they played (though not from the concert itself--for starters, different lineup almost entirely and spanning the eras)--would that some kind soul will post that gig someday: << the classic version from 40 years ago << not the album cut; an extended version

    Here's an excellent wiki on prog rock, featuring a picture of Our Boys in '73.:
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    KC seem more like the Robert Fripp Band to me. I will always think of the Greg Lake and Ian McDonald version of the band as the real King Crimson, although the Wetton and Jobson lineup was pretty good. The 21st Century Schizoid Band were the cover band and very good they were too.

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    King Crimson was brilliant in the mid seventies and early eighties. But now they are sort of a self parody, and much of this is due to Mr. Fripp. THRAK was brilliant but all the albums since have not lived up to up. It doesn't help that Fripp is releasing new live material every day.

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    Although I really like the live stuff it is getting old and I would like to see some new compositions as opposed to different configurations playing previously done songs.

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