One of the best and hottest recent groups in jazz...and they are in their 70's-80's. They don't put their egos aside for this; they blend them instead. Between them, they have played with everybody important in jazz since the mid-1960's. Here's a wiki (we're an international site, as I was recently reminded): << read it natively or hit the "Translate" button... Some tunes: << no tired retro rehash here, folks--this stuff was invented yesterday (or so it seems) << no endless rehearsals with these guys--1-take to git it and git it right! << great knowledge and d-e-e-p chops, and the mutual respect just pours out of all of them << real jazz you can dance to--thought those days were gone << from the newest album, Time and Time Again

Here's the discog (but all 3 are 4/4+ stars and #4 is doubtless too): << included because there is at least one other group with this name. Here's a review of their 2nd disc, well-written and including the players' names:
All discs bar the 2nd are available from the Usual Suspect for <$10.