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Thread: R.I.P. George Hamilton IV

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    Default R.I.P. George Hamilton IV

    from msn

    Country music legend George Hamilton Iv has died, aged 77.The singer passed away at a hospital in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday (17Sep14) just days after suffering a heart attack.

    A statement posted on his official website reads, "Grand Ole Opry Legend George Hamilton IV The International Ambassador of Country Music passed away... at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital (Nashville,TN) with his family by his side. George IV suffered a serious heart attack on Saturday and had been in critical condition from that time. The Hamilton family greatly appreciates everyone's prayers!"

    Hamilton began his music career while studying at the University of North Carolina, scoring a chart success with his song A Rose and A Baby Ruth in 1956. He went on to land a slew of hits and was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry in 1960.

    He embraced folk music in the late 1960s, working with stars including Joni Mitchell, and in the early 1970s, he was named the International Ambassador of Country Music after becoming the first country singer to perform in the Soviet Union.

    In the 1970s, Hamilton also hosted a number of TV shows in the U.K. and Canada and appeared in a West End musical based on the life of Patsy Cline.

    He continued recording and performing into his 70s, and last performed at the Grand Ole Opry on 6 September (14), just days before his death.

    his biggest hit and one I hadn't heard:

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    Much better known in Europe and Canada than in the US, at least after the big hits stopped here in 1970, and he relied on touring, both concertizing and lecturing on country music. Less well known is his early, strong and steadfast support for Canadian songwriters--he was the first in any genre to record a Joni Mitchell song and did a bunch of stuff by Gordon Lightfoot. Ray Griff was another. A loving obit in the NYTimes includes 3 clickthroughs to songs; I've appended others after: << Name-checks the Canadian Provinces--nice song by patriot Ray Griff << always generous in featuring and naming his sidemen << sure glad somebody thought to record this--for SteveO with respect << a cautionary careful what you ask for--you just might get it
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    Wow, I hadn't heard about his passing until I read this thread. RIP George, I for one will miss you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PetSounds View Post
    Wow, I hadn't heard about his passing until I read this thread. RIP George, I for one will miss you.
    Same here. Had not heard. RIP George!!

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    I did not know about this either. George was on TV in the UK a lot when I was a teenager, probably because he had a gentle style. RIP

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