Trolled my stuff, looking for ironing music and came across this. Slowhand is a major part but it's an Arthur Louis recording and liking the organ so much lead me to Robert Bailey which lead me to Gonzalez which by some magic algorithm or another lead me to The Dublin Latin Music Group. Here's the trail:
Mr. Louis then and recently: and
Mr. Bailey No solo stuff but he was integral to this:
Gonzalez Not a person but an ad-hoc group of 10-30 members active from mid-70's-mid-80's in the UK:
DLMG Who'd a thunk it? They roarrr: and and

All I can say is: << all nice-nice * but here's how I really feel: << I've covered Mr. Michaels before but I can't get enuff/Of his funky anguished stuff

* I'm being more than a little unfair to Don Adams--pretty good Blue-eyed soul singer--2 good albums.