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Thread: I love disco

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    Default I love disco

    ...And not only do I not apologize for it, I celebrate myself for it. I love to dance and this was the last basically Anglo music style that had that as its core. A reading of this wiki is in order, so we're on the same page as to what it is and isn't.: << Gay folks aren't mentioned as one of its core constituencies but it could hardly exist without them as audience or performers. OK. Homework done? Then let's play.
    Here's the main themes from somebody's list of Top 10 songs--good job:
    Some individual artists:
    Donna Summer << comment #1 says it all--forever the Queen and << love the way this song builds and
    Evelyn (Champagne) King << not to be confused with: << yes that's Freddie Mercury
    Vicki Sue Robinson << that bass player is styling her cheeks off, and
    Amii Stewart and

    BONUS: 3 disco divas puttin' it on ya:

    If you really wanna go nutso, here's a 2-hour playlist--dance yourself into exhaustion, as I did:

    What provoked this Post is an upcoming Broadway bio show about the greatest of them all--Sylvester (I've only featured female artists but he's NearAsDammit): and
    Some tunes: << good sound, crap vid that nevertheless puts you right in the picture--ah, the memories...and and
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    Not 100% disco but you might want to check this mix a mate of mine done.. Unbelievable vibes

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    I love disco, jazzbo! Thank you for the list and the reminder to pull out my old disco hits and groove a little!
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