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Thread: Alexander Wolfe - Skeletons

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    Default Alexander Wolfe - Skeletons

    Another new artist I've found and been recommended from various blogs/forums.

    Alexander Wolfe will be releasing 'FROM THE SHALLOWS' on 5th October. However for now enjoy the soothing sounds of Skeletons!

    ‘From The Shallows’, is a new album from Alexander Wolfe. Released on 5th October, with the first single and the albums open track Trick of the Light’on 1st September. ‘From The Shallows’ is Wolfe’s third album, and follows on from the critically acclaimed releases ‘Morning Brings A Flood’ (2009) and ‘Skeletons’ (2012).

    More info here if needs be:

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    Thought I'd leave this here for you guys.. Its the music video for Trick Of The Light, eerie stuff but a wicked song!

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    Skeletons is a beautifully crafted song!

    However I love the video and energy of 'Trick Of The Light'... This guy has a great voice, cheers for the share.

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