Ciro Hurtado
Ayahuasca Dreams
Inti Productions Recordings

Peruvian (now Californian) guitarist CIRO HURTADO has eight albums out (plus seven others with a Latin band) and on his latest recording (Ayahuasca Dreams) he shows his musical maturity and expertise. This is the work of a musician in total command who creates haunting melodies, exquisite arrangements and a beautiful gentle Latin sound.

Do not be fooled by the upbeat introduction (the minute-and-a-half tune “Peru”) with its electric guitars and drums, because most of the album is very soft and gentle featuring his acoustic guitar playing and some flutes and soft singing (female vocalists singing in Spanish on four tunes and singing wordlessly on two others).

This is warm, personable music that is extremely enjoyable to listen to whether you normally get into Latin music or not. It is more of a soft, mid-tempo world-fusion recording. Highly recommended.