Adam Andrews is a new solo pianist with a variety of influences from new age to church music. But perhaps he owes his biggest debt to classical music. He is classically-trained and at age ten memorized and performed the Joseph Haydn composition Concerto in C-Major and the following year did the same with the Haydn piece Concerto in D-Major. Andrews’ studies also included jazz, boogie-woogie, improvisation, folk-pop and rock. Take a listen to his forceful playing on his ROAD TO AMBO album, and my guess is you will mightily impressed. He was in the band Cede for four albums, but this is his first album on his own. It looks like he is off to a good solo career. He plays up high and then works his way down to the low notes; every note on the keyboard is fair game within his arrangements. Often what he is doing with each hand strongly compliments the other (NOT just pounding chords with the left!).