Are you listening to any music by Uwe Gronau yet? Where have you been the past few years? This keyboardist from Germany has been putting a series of excellent mostly-instrumental recordings that are provoking in a good way. His new CD is THOUGHTS OF TOMORROW and listening to it is like the pleasure you get from scratching your elbow when you didn’t even realize it was itching. The album is full of progressive instrumental music starting with the world-music flair of the first track (“Brazil” is a tribute to the recent World Cup competition there) and ending 16 tunes later with a solo piano piece tinged with avant-garde jazz. In between you will find classic ensemble new age music, a little prog-rock, an ambient-space tune, and a wealth of boundary-pushing, genre-breaking music. Dive deep into this one and then tell your friends. This music deserves to be shared among progressive-music lovers.