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    Hey im here to get some help with autotuning.. thanks :)

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    You don't need any help with the dreaded autotuning!! Worse thing that ever happened to music!! Seriously!! Stay away from that!! If a artist can sing they definiitely don't need autotuning!! Just my opinion. If you need a verification just ask Merle Haggard

    Modern Country: You don't have to stay in key. They will put you in key.. Merle Haggard

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    welcome to MD Mathias....

    im of the same opinion of autotune as Rebel....
    if you can sing in tune,you shouldnt need it!

    history lesson 101:
    the first use of "autotune" on a song was Cher on her single "believe", nowadays,unfortunately, almost every artist uses it(to some extent) from Paul McCartney down.....

    i dont like it, if i hear it, it turns me off the song and the vocalist,
    good artists shouldnt need it, but occasionally do so in order to 'hit that perfect note' in the studio, its wrong IMO, but who am i to disagree with the likes of Elton/Macca and people of that callibre as theyve served their time and lets face it....age,time,drug/alcohol useage does break down the vocal chords.
    but these young singers...your Katy Perry's,Lady Gaga's etc should be in the prime of their singing ability and should not use it whatsoever!

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    For more on this insidious, invidious pitch correction technology, see this: All I need to know about it is it was invented by an oil company engineer and a variation used for seismic detection/correction purposes. Very recognizable when used and I detest it.
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