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Thread: Please help me to identify that song

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    Default Please help me to identify that song

    Unfortunately i have no clue for the title or the band. I just saw only the video clip in MTV.
    The video is almost black and white and is taking place to something like a feast or party, with
    some blues dancers and the singer is male, while a woman play drums in slow motion.
    The song is very dark and dramatic and has some instrumental parts. Lastly I remember only the
    following lyrics which is " I've got a feeling"....
    Any help will be greatly appreciated since i am looking over 4 months for this song!
    Thanks very much !

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    I tried tekst search with "got a feeling" in the Melodycatcher and found "I've got a feeling" of the Beatles.
    But following your description of the video that does not seem to be the answer
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