SonReal (Aaron Hoffman) is a Underground, Canadian Rapper. He is 28 years old and counting.
Aaron starting rapping back in his teenage years, and released his first album in 2009 (The Stroll)
Ever since, he has been releasing more albums, better songs, and teaming up with other musicians such as Rich Kidd, and Ali Milner.

Some of his greatest songs, grabbing him the most views on YouTube, are listed below in no certain order.
"Up Up Up" (Good News):

"Everywhere We Go" (Single):

"She Gone" (Where's Waldo?):

To view a promotional video on SonReal that I made myself, Click this link:

For more information on SonReal, Visit this link to his official website:

Find SonReal on social media:
Twitter: @therealsonreal

Instagram: @therealsonreal

Facebook: @therealsonreal

To listen to more of SonReal's music free, visit this link (Also free downloads!):

Some of my person favorite songs by SonReal:
Ridin' On E (Single)
We Concur (Good News)
Extra Extra (Words I Said)
F**k Yeah (The Closers)
Digital Brain (Lightyear Mixtape)

Thank You for reading this thread, and I hope you enjoy SonReal!