Thanking that terrific Chi-town woman, we get from mid-NYState, Ms. Willa McCarthy. She only has a few crap vids but it sure gives you the idea:
and << nice job on this; not a cell thingie
and << I've heard that this is the Revealed Wisdom
and << current band, and ain't they right?

Lauren Mitchell Now we're catching a bit higher gear (only talking about the vocal gymnast here--don't get excited). Stone-pro entertainer (power goes out, she goes table-to-table singing old, slow Gospel, then problem fixed, she picks up the song she was singing previous right on the chorus--see that often?). << Guys run through brick walls to answer this demand/plea << Ah, that first love... << yes, she will

NB to large-club owners and festival organizers: Either of these women but especially Ms. Mitchell can close a show in fine style...or did you just want another shredder or screamer/JJ-wannabe? I'd contract these ladies now before the price goes up...