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Thread: Should I quit music after four years?

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    Default Should I quit music after four years?

    I love music. I have passion for it. I even want to be famous. I have a lot of favorite composers, bands, and artists from different genres except hip-hop and rap. I love melody. I love improvisation. I love ear training, something I like to do forever. The problem is that I am not a good player and I have played for ten years. I play piano, guitar, alto saxophone, violin, trumpet, flute, clarinet, harp, drums, bass guitar and singing (tenor). I wanted to whistle, but I failed at that. Every time I want to go faster, I can't. I tried the metronome and it doesn't work for me. I love melody, but I am not a good melody writer. I love to improvise, but I can't. I took lessons and they don't help me. I do well in ear training ex. identifying scale degrees, melodic dictation and chord progressions, relative pitch, perfect pitch, but when I listen to my music on my ipod, I can't recognize anything. When I listen to music, it inspires me and makes me feel good, but when I start practicing, my sound is horrible.

    The good news is that I am going to York University taking Fine Arts in music and it's a four year program. I was accepted because I auditioned. The course descriptions are awesome, but they are probably hyping me up.

    I can envision myself after four years with no change. I don't mind just flippin burgers at burger king for 8 hours and do my ear training after I come home. So should I quit music after four years? Well, I would do ear training forever. Maybe I am not meant for music, but for some reason I really love it.
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    I don't feel that it can prove to be a good idea !

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