I am 18 years old and I have been involved with music since I can remember myself. I had joined a choir, I used to play acoustic guitar and piano. Overly enthusiastic me, I bought an electric guitar, with the intention to learn how to play it.
Unfortunately, tendinitis happened and I could play guitar or piano no longer, until my right arm was fully healed. I had only my singing voice.
I never wanted to be a professional musician, I wanted to have music as a hobby. So, I decided that I had to study hard to get in med school. I quitted the choir because it required many hours every week and lots of dedication. School had to come first. I had no time for music. I was hoping that after the exams were over, I'd start again to sing and play musical instruments, but this is not the case. My mother is making things worse, because she does not approve of the songs I choose to learn, she prefers something more traditional, so I avoid playing in front of her. Plus, she does not understand that I am covering songs, not recreating them. She expects to hear the same thing she listens to on youtube. It's only a guitar, not a whole orchestra!
The thing is, I rarely play any more, and I miss those days that I could not spend 24 hours without touching my guitar. People used to say to me "I have a guitar at home, but I don't play it", and it physically hurt me, because I thought it was such a pity to have a guitar and not to play it.
The electric guitar is still unused.