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    the organic fabric of our lives

    from Billboard

    Neil Young took to his website on Friday to speak out against the purchase of non-organic cotton. The FarmAid co-founder and veteran activist,
    who has championed environmental, social and aural causes over the years, has vowed to phase the material out of his tour merchandise in favor
    of 100% organic cotton immediately.

    "Friends, on my last tour of Europe, I started to give our music loving (sic) audience free organic cotton t-shirts as a way to show that we
    appreciate you," he writes in a statement on the homepage. "I'm hoping that when you wear your PROTECT / EARTH t-shirt, you will vow to PROTECT
    EARTH & to take a stand for EARTH in the ways that you can."

    Young goes on to explain the reasons non-organic cotton is harmful to the environment -- "2,700 liters of water is used to grow the cotton for
    just 1 t-shirt!!! ( & that doesn't even account for the processing dying etc....)" -- as well as steps his fans can take to eliminate their own
    consumption of the material as well as tips on preserving the quality of organic fabrics.
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    its good he still lives by the "old hippy ideals" and speaking out for the environment(as he does with his 'bio-fuel' cars and development of them)....

    but Neil,
    fans want to hear you make "good" music and not the second rate crap you release at least half of the time, and pretty much all the time since "prairie wind"!

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