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    Lightbulb With Love

    This was done by recording a Roland SH-101, a Korg MS-20, a Waldorf Pulse +, a Motif Electric Piano and a few drum samples. Mixed and mastered ITB with Ableton Live.
    Please, tell me what's ok and what not


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    I take it you're a fan this artist. It's well enough just not my kind of music, but I added it to my collection. What genre would you say this is? If you don't mind putting a label on it. I've never heard of the artist before, but scrolling around on iTunes I can see he's self released an impressive amount of songs. Anyways thanks for sharing.
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    Thank you so much for listening. Actually I am the "artist".
    As per the genere, I would just say it's a combination of dreamy, dark-ish, synthesizers driven electronic music.


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