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Thread: What Is Your Favourite Audio Codec?

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    Default What Is Your Favourite Audio Codec?

    There are lots of codecs, some offer better options, and others offer better compatibility. What codec is your favourite, and why?

    Personally I like AAC as it's one of the most compatible formats in terms of computer software and portable devices, and provides great quality. When I rip CD's I use ALAC instead, but only because I've never been able to find a convenient software to rip AAC at equivalent bitrates (though I would assume it's possible?).

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    I like mp3 320kbps as a compromise, although WAV/FLAC are better for quality. I cannot remember the difference between WAV and FLAC, but I think FLAC is better if my memory serves me correctly.

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    i have no idea what language you guys are speaking????

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