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    Post List Of My Music Rating Threads

    Not everyone rates their music. Some simply listen if they like a song, and change songs if they don't. Personally I like to rate my music, because I have a large collection. Ratings help me keep track of the songs I like which is a life saver when I need to quickly dump a few good tracks onto my mp3 player. Ratings are an opinion, and you know what they say about opinions, everyone has one. People's musical interests also change over time, and their ratings along with it.

    I plan to make some postings from time to time where I (and others if they want) can share ratings for a given album. This will create a catalogue that bare minimum allows you to see what I'm listening to, but also has the potential to help you find the preferred songs on an album without having to listen to the whole thing (of course you can miss out on good stuff doing that). The idea is that you can look for ratings from a user you know has similar tastes to yours, and see which songs they liked (or didn't).

    The purpose of this thread is merely to provide some background information about these postings, and maintain a list of my threads for easy browsing; I'll post it further down the page. The postings will be added in alphabetical order by the album artist, and within that by the album. The threads will contain the track listing, if possible the cover art, and maybe a tidbit of information about it. Sometimes albums have more than one version. In such cases they will be listed in the same thread, and have separate ratings. Ratings will be done via replies to the thread, and as mentioned before opinions change so ratings may be updated many times. Keep in mind that some songs can be very hard to rate, especially if it's from genre I don't normally listen to. Don't expect a big list.

    Everyone has their own way of rating things; some people use numbers, some use stars, and some use magical white unicorn-bunnies. If you decide to contribute ratings feel free to use whatever floats your boat :). Personally I like to use numbers. I use 1-5 because it sits nicely between vague, and broad.

    1/5 = Sucks
    2/5 = Bad, but there is something I like about it
    3/5 = Neutral. It may also be from a genre I don't listen too much and therefore makes it difficult to rate.
    4/5 = Okay, but there is something holding it back
    5/5 = Good-Great.

    Some things to keep in mind about my ratings are that just because a song has 5/5 doesn't mean it's awesome it just means I couldn't find anything overly wrong with it. I also tend to be generous with my ratings. You might be wondering why my rating start at 1 not 0. There is no 0/5 because in most music library programs 0 stars means the song is unrated. If you don't see a rating beside a song it means either I haven't listened to it before, or I haven't listened to it enough to decide on a rating. I don't often listen to whole albums, but just poke through it until I find a track that sounds promising.

    I won't make a thread for an album unless I've got ratings for at least 2 of the songs. I will always use the same formatting for the postings (not necessarily the replies). If you are reading a thread and notice the album cover art is no longer displaying please give the thread a bump, or reply so I know to try and fix it. Some albums may not have artwork available (or not available from a good source), and others may have it intentionally excluded if the artwork is inappropriate for this site. In those instances I will note such to prevent unneeded bumps/replies about missing cover art.

    The List:
    Ekkah - Summer Mixtape
    O Est Le Swimming Pool - The Golden Year

    Secret & Whisper - Teenage Fantasy
    Soley - We Sink
    Terry Devine-King - Triangulum
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    whoever heard of music being rated by using some stupid numbering system
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    LMAO....we do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Music Head View Post
    whoever heard of music being rated by using some stupid numbering system
    The problem with online words is that context and subtlety get lost; even emoticons are a "weak sister" solution. So I think there's sarcasm going on but here it is anyway: << nothing much was said about quality ratings
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    I don't have a clue what the 3 of you are talking about, but thanks for checking out the thread?

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    Music Head and myself rate songs/albums with a numbering system also...

    ***.love the track
    ** the track
    *....dislike the track

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