Back in 2004 while working at a franchised grocery store while listening to that ubiquitous elevator music I came across an all female vocal group that I really enjoyed. I only heard two songs by this all female vocal group, both of the songs start off with a solo. The first is at least instrumentally in a jazz style. I can't understand what she is saying as she is singing softly but at some point as the ladies join in for a lyric then they start harmonizing, the best way I can describe it is the pronunciation of huh or ha but sustained, something like huhhhhhhhhh bahda bahda huhhhhhhhhh bahda bahda etc. I heard this song again on fathers day at a franchised buffet restaurant.This last song I haven't heard since around 2004 although I didn't get all of the lyrics I did get the gist of where they were going with it. It appears that her lover is showing signs of two timing on her so she decides to give him a taste of his own medicine she puts the shoe on the other foot and so the only lyrics that I remember are What's the matter sweet love or maybe it was sweet love what's the matter somewhere near the close they have a vocal cascading fall on the words sweet love. If anybody has any idea I would appreciate hearing from you:)