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    What happens when you ask a successful author a question about his health or him being able to finish his book before his demise? Well we donít know how others would answer it but George R R Martin was definitely pissed off and answered this with a F**K YOU. Donít believe us. Click below to watch the video.

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    Please stop posting junk on this forum.
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    The video is dead.

    I haven't read any of the books, but I watch the tv series. My favourite character is probably Tyrion Lanister, but I try not to get too attached to anyone.
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    Video doesnt work bud

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerome View Post
    Please stop posting junk on this forum.
    It may have commercial intent but it was presented in the right Forum and it's something quite a few folks have an interest in. In lieu of the non-functional link, here's a 20-minute interview with the author, George RR Martin. Mainly soft-ball questions from fans.
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