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Thread: Gigs for a Vocalist

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    Question Gigs for a Vocalist

    Hello all,

    Since there are a lot of musicians in this forum, I thought it is good chance to check on the kind of gigs you get for solo vocalists or guitarists around where you live.

    Post here and I might get some ideas on scoring more gigs and performances for myself.

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    Default Gigs

    Hello sarahmiller,

    If you are a vocalist, then you must start recording your songs and videos, and bringing them up on platforms like youtube and souncloud. Give the links of those websites as reference to anyone who has contacts. If you tell me your geographical location, I might be able to help.

    I hope you soon find a gig for you! Good luck!
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    Thanks for your suggestions! I have a few songs recorded. They are pure vocals and not fit to send as entries for any gigs. But I was wondering if I should just record them with my acoustic guitar or may be with a karaoke track. I live in Malaysia..

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