Writing is jazz....words roll and spin and jive...a collection of letters and spaces, commas and periods, semi-colons and colons. -From Writing is Jazz, An Internet Blog: John M. Flores, 11 April 2007

Jazz improvizing and poetizing
share much in the game of life.
They are both fun and help the
practitioners get to the purpose

of life. To be in the moment---
drawing on the past, anticipating
the future when time seems right.
Often the process is effortless as
if I am some sort of instrument:
semi-analytical, semi-emotional,
semi-performance, semi-trailer:
carrying the baggage of life down
the road in the darkness of night
with headlights showing the way
into meaning—at least for me if
not for others on the road of night.

Yes, there is joy and tranquillity,
the preparation has been my whole
life: the payment and reward has
nothing to do with money, simply
can not be bought or sold or chosen;
it comes because of who you are and
what you want as you go about finding
your way in this slough of despond.(1)

(1) This prose-poem was written after listening to an interview with Sascha Feinstein on ABC Radio National, 15 October 2008 at 10:05 a.m.

Ron Price
1 November 2008