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    I'd say I'm into about anything besides new-age country, bluegrass, opera. Eight year percussionist and took organ lessons for five years in grade school. I like having a drum kit around, but I had to sell it. I still have my custom blue with gold rims Aspire 5-piece hand drums, wood of course.

    After a hiatus, I'm trying to play catch-up with so many bands these days. Tool is one of my favorite bands. I'm into good tracks, I don't care who the artists are. From Vanessa Carlton to Bananarama, I enjoy a lot of mainstream stuff. I haven't really heard that much outside of the mainstream. I think I'll get back into a little classical after I'm done finding what I would consider rock, hardcore, industrial, post hardcore, and so forth high quality obscurities.

    Late, Jason

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    Hi Jason, & welcome to Music Discussion.

    Hope you enjoy the site, & I look forward to getting to know you...

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