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Thread: hearty congrats to Jason Moran

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    Default hearty congrats to Jason Moran

    Jason Moran, a brilliant player/composer, is so much more. That was confirmed by his being appointed to lead one of the premier jazz organizations in the US. Recipient of a MacArthur Genius Grant (a $100K Fellowship), he's also been a distinguished collaborator with all manner of plastic and performing artists--it's "...all a continuum..." he's been quoted. Here's a short Washington Post article and he was a guest on Public TV this week.:
    I am elated; how about he plays?: << "Stuffy" or "hide-bound traditionalist"? Not even in the same town as Mr. Moran. I understand there are a bunch of troupes taking this around the country (the "Fats Waller Dance Party")--if you get the chance, jump on it. Jazz comes back to the people. << read comment 1 and see if you don't agree. << at once, deep and jocular--neat trick to pull off << one of the simplest of modern human interactions...and they create art from it. Amazing! << a James P. Johnson* song and thus an inside joke he shares with us.

    * James P. Johnson was one of two that brought jazz piano from ragtime to stride (i.e. jazz).:
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