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Thread: Britney and Justin?

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    Default Britney and Justin?

    First of all i'd like to say that to a few of u i might be late on coming onto this, but it has just recently come to my attention, for many reasons that i won't go into!

    Having made a study of the two aforementioned stars/performers, i have concluded that, there hasn't been two people so perfectly identical and matched that it is a wonder they ever split up. Now maybe they got too close to each other or maybe they realised how alike they were and got scared, but it is still amazing. If u listen to their language, compare their talents, their sex appeal, their style of music (not just pop, but the type of pop), everything apart from maybe height, u will see where i'm coming from. Does anyone else agree with me or see my point?

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    Default Yea

    Well there's a lot we don't know that goes on behind the scenes.

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    I am not a fan of either. Britney of late has either gone mad, wants continued attention, or just being a spoiled brat.

    But as musicluv put it so well, maybe dollars have to do with them not being together. Maybe each would prefere to be with someone not as well off as they are? I don't know, but an idea.
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    I don't know why people harp about the Britney Justin relationship so much. That was AGES ago, and maybe it changed her at the time but I'm almost positive they're over it by now.

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    Don't really care for either

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