PAUL WELLER "more modern classics"

total career stats:
studio albums....31
there's also many 'guest appearance' singles also.
years active...........1977-present

this compilation album from Paul Weller comes in two versions.
the first a double cd(41 tracks) and a triple cd(53 tracks)
the first two discs comprise mainly of his solo singles since 2000
up to his Record Store Day release of 2014.
the third disc(deluxe version) contains a bonus twelve live tracks
from tv shows over that period also.
all up not a bad compilation from a guy who has been around almost
forty years in the music business.
it makes a good companion set to the previous solo best of set
'modern classics'...
i doubt whether he'll win over new fans with this one as most people
have their opinions made up about Weller and his music already.
im not scoring it,i'll buy it to keep the collection intact and its really only
for the fact there's several songs on it i dont own already.
the album will undoubtably debut in the top two positions on the UK
charts next week as pretty much everything he has released has done
so since 1980.

from the album:
the latest release from Paul Weller for Record Store Day 2014